Pilley Migration after 1770 - Yorkshire to the South of England via Lincoln and Warrington

The lineage of my mother's Pilley family is traced from the birth circa 1710 of Thomas Pilley who lived at Wentworth in Yorkshire. His wife was Sussanah nee Stevenson. Two of their sons, Michael born 1734 and Samuel born 1737 had both moved near to Lincoln by 1770. There were many Pilleys living in Lincolnshire in the period 1770 - 1850. One son of Michael Pilley b1734 and his wife Jane nee South was Thomas Pilley born 1758 at Sudbrook near Lincoln. He married Ann nee Hornshaw in 1787 and one of their sons was Henry Hornshaw Pilley b 1804 from whom my mother was directly descended.

In 1835 Henry Hornshaw Pilley married Elizabeth Moon at Warrington in Cheshire. No present descendants have been traced living in this area. After being widowed in 1848 Henry Hornshaw Pilley and family including his first son Henry Lindley Pilley b 1837 (my mother's grand-father) migrated from Warrington to London City where he re-married in 1851 to Caroline nee Dearman.

Since 1851 the UK descendants of Henry Lindley Pilley have mostly lived in and near London as well as North Devon and Scotland. Between 1860 and 1930 these locations included East and West Ham, Herne Hill, Notting Hill, Croydon, Camberwell, Lambeth, Brixton, South Norwood and Lee near Ilfracombe in Devon. Scottish members of this family were born to my uncle Albert Edward Pilley b 1912 and his wife Peggy nee McDougall, two of whom are living in Scotland in 2007.

Lincoln Cathedral

Migration From England to America, Canada and Australia

A daughter Susanna of Thomas Pilley 1758 and Ann nee Hornshaw from whom my mother was descended married a Henry Mozley; they later emigrated to America. A daughter Ann born in 1765 to Samuel Pilley 1737 and his wife Ann nee Lambert married George Brewerton in 1822. After George Brewerton's death Ann emigrated to America in 1855, following her remaining sons and a daughter who left England in 1852 and 1854. There now are many descendants of both families in the USA.

Two brothers Francis Lindley Pilley b 1889 and Charles Lindley Pilley b 1892 emigrated to Canada before the 1914 - 1918 Great War; Charles later returned to England. My uncle Howard Lindley Pilley b 1910 emigrated to Australia in 1947. Current members of neither family knew of the other until research established the link in 1994. The Canadian branch has lived mainly in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Australian Pilleys have lived mainly in Victoria including Melbourne, Echuca and Kyabram. In 2007 there now are many descendants of these families living in Canada and Australia.