Research Sources and Prime Family Names

Started in 1994 this family history research has been compiled from the usual genealogical sources including family information and events recorded at the Family History Centre, the International Genealogical Index, The Genealogical Society and Lincolnshire Family History Society. It is work in progress and will continue to grow as time passes. Currently all family history on this website is textual however I am about to start inserting graphical material including photos and letters.

My family name is Clarke and my mother's maiden name was Pilley. My wife's family name was Neesham and her mother's maiden name was Mountain. Other names of interest related to these four prime family names are as follows. Clarke: Hunns Thistlewood Cave Robertson Raffan Chalmers Cheale Cheraa Vowles; Pilley: Hornshaw Lindley Keyworth Halliley Cox Brewerton Gray; Mountain: Umpleby Hullah Webster Corker Harford; Neesham: no yet researched.

If you have any comments or information associated with any of these families or think I may be able to help with your family history research please contact me by email.

Clarke Lineage

The earliest Clarke family event traced is the birth in about 1813 of my great-great grandfather Thomas Clarke, miller of Blatherwycke in Northamptonshire. My great grandfather Obed Cave Clarke migrated to Northfleet in Kent. His son Arthur Thomas Clarke later lived and eventually died at Langley in Buckinghamshire in 1967. Current family members live in Guildford, Maidenhead, Marlow, Slough and in France.

Pilley Lineage

Until 2007 I had traced the line back to the marriage of a Thomas Pilley and his wife Ann nee Hornshaw at Lincoln in 1787. In 2007 a new lead traced the family line back to 1717 and earlier families living in Yorkshire. This was the result of information from records and letters kindly sent to me by three other Pilley researchers, Emery Strand and Robin Henderson from the US and by Jon Denby in the UK. I am very grateful indeed for their assistance especially to Jon.

Mountain Lineage

At the time of my earliest Mountain family research (c1790) this family lived at Aldborough near Ripon in Yorkshire.

Neesham Lineage Research has not yet started.